I’ve just been diagnosed with tendonitis. How can I keep my arm strong while I heal?

I played a little too much tennis and developed tendonitis in my right wrist. The doctor has put me in a rmovable brace to immobilize the area for a wew week, at which time I’ll get physical therapy. However, having my wrist immobilized for a such a long timewill deteriorate the muscle. I’m wondering how I can keep my arm fit without worsening the tendonitis.

How do I recover from tendonitis and get the painful symptoms under control? Is there a support group ….?

I have painful tendonitis symptoms in my right wrist caused due to repetitive typing and mousing. I have tried everything from ergonomic evaluation, to physical therapy but the symptoms keep coming back. Sometimes it gets so debilitating that I even have trouble holding the steering wheel. I am really really desperate to get better, to not have the tenderness and burning sensation, be able to play tennis again , to indulge in all the activities I used to…….. Any tips/suggestions are more than welcome. If there is a support group for people like me in the bay are, please please do let me know

What Is Tennis Elbow?

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