Can anyone help me with my tennis elbow problem?

I have a pain in my elbow, I’m pretty sure it’s a condition called tennis elbow. I saw my doctor at my check-up and told him about it. He asked if I was icing it and I said "yes." He didn’t really say anything else about it. I had this problem twice in the past but it didn’t last long both times. This time it seems like it’s here to stay. Does anyone know any exercises or anything that will help it heal without me decreasing my physical activity? I’ve already looked in Wikipedia and read over that page. Thanks a lot.

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  1. First of all a chiropractor will do nothing for lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow). A couple things you need to focus on:
    -gentle stretching of your wrist extensors (hold your arm straight out in front of you palm down, elbow straight, and bend your hand down using pressure from the other hand on the back of the hand on the injured side…hold 30 seconds)
    -ice massage (fill a paper cup up with water and freeze it, then peel back part of the cup to expose some ice and rub the ice on the painful area for 4-5 mins until numb…its gonna be uncomfortable, but must get to be numb)
    -over the counter anti-inflammatory such as advil, aleve taken as directed on the bottle
    -physical therapy can help you build up the strength in the wrist muscles, especially the eccentric strength.
    -tennis elbow strap that can be purchased online to stabilize the area and take the stress off the tendon origin.

  2. epsum salt at wal mart helps with musscle pain…try that. the directions are on the bag. its big and blue…in the pharmacy area…ask a pharmacy associate they will know where it is

  3. You should do some gentle stretches with it, but I think that you should go and see a chiropractor or an osteopath – they are amazing people (I am a sporting person myself and have had a few injuries – just 1 or 2 sessions helped it completely). Keep putting ice on it too whenever possible. Hope this helps =]

  4. My best advice is to go see a orthopedic surgeon.
    If it hasn’t gone away, I would definitely get it checked out.
    They will x-ray it to see if you have any more serious problem than just pain from overuse.
    After that, he will tell you what exercises you can do to keep it strong and make it feel better.
    Good luck!

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