What can you do to reduce tendonitis in the knees?

I play basketball, pick up games with the fellas on the weekends sometimes and occasionally during the week. I can’t really dunk because of tendonitis in my knees, I know that’s the reason why I can’t dunk. My legs are strong, I’m fast. It’s that bending of the knees part before moving upward to jump. Is there any remedy for tendonitis in your knees? I know I’d see improvements in my jumping ability if it weren’t for that. Any suggestions?

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Achilles Tendonitis

Now here is something you should be aware of – especially if you are active in sports.

Achilles Tendonitis is often treated very poorly, with limited results. That is because the practitioner often takes the perspective of only treating where it hurts without evaluating the rest of the body.

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Tendonitis in Wrist

I have tendonitis in both wrists what is the best way to keep it from flaring up?

I ice my wrists every time the tendonitis flares up, but that doesn’t really make it stop hurting, and it definitely doesn’t stop it from coming back! How can i shorten the time it hurts and stop it from hurting so often?

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Heat for Tendonitis

Years ago I spontaneously dislocated my shoulder while swimming. I’ve had a sore shoulder since, and with a typing position it just exacerbates the soreness. I’ve gone to physical therapy for the tendonitis in the shoulder as well as had a cortisone shot. The therapy didn’t help much but the shot did; however every so often the shoulder starts getting sore and locking up again. I’ve found that a heating pad helps alleviate the pain, but a friend told me not to leave it on longer than 20 minutes because the fluid will start to build up and make it worse.

How long should I leave the heating pad on?
Curiously, why a moist heating pad? I don’t think I’ve hardly ever seen them anywhere..I have a regular plug in one that I use. And is it ice first and then heat or heat and then ice…I’ve gotten both responses here.

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Exercises for tendonitis of the knee

I run the mile for track. I found out I have patella tendonitis. I would like to know if there are any good remedies or exercises that I can do to help my knee loosen up and not hurt so much, basically, for it to be flexible without any pain. Do you know any?

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How can I show what tendonitis is using household items?

For my health project we have an injury and we have to demonstrate what the bones and muscles and stuff would look like if that happened. Well I have tendonitis and I have no clue how to show what it is can anyone help?

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How to relieve pain from tendonitis in the elbows?

My hubby has really bad pain from tendonitis in his elbow. He takes Advil and puts a arm brace on it. But he is in so much pain and can’t get it relieve at all. Anyone have any suggestions or tips on what to do? Do you know if he is supposed to use hot / or cold?
I know you are supposed to rest it and let it heal, but with his work, he cannot take that time off. He has to work, and he uses it a lot at work. HELP!!! How long til it’ll go away?

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What Can Be Done To Ease The Pain of Tendonitis?

I have developed tendonitis in my thumb, well, the base of it.  Besides splinting it and taking anti-inflammatory meds for it, anything I can do to ease the pain? I developed it from my job which involves quite a bit of repetetive motion. I plan to report it for workman’s comp, but there is no work this week (shutdown, remodeling) so I am on my own for a week.

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Elbow to Shoulder Pain

Have you ever experienced a sharp pain in your arm between your elbow and you shoulder?  If so this can be caused by a variety of problems.  I can tell you from experience that his is no a lot of fun.  All of a sudden one day I was unable to move my arm more than six inches from my body in an upward motion.

Having had nearly all repetitive stress injuries I wondered what was I in for now. It wasn’t carpal tunnel since I was having a pain in my arm.  It wasn’t tennis elbow because it did not hurt on the top of my elbow. It seemed as if I had somehow pinched a nerve in such a way that I could not move my arm much at all.  This was so bad that I had trouble sleeping as there was no place I could put my arm where it didn’t hurt.  The only time it didn’t hurt was when I was standing or sittig upright.  Whenever I tried to lay down, it put enouhg pressure on my arm that it hurt like crazy.


Okay, so I went to an Orthopedist to figure this one out.  I received a cortozone injection to help relieve the pain which helped somewhat but I really wanted to get to the cause of this.  I had an xray done and it turns out that I have what is called calcific tendonitis.  Calcific tenoditis is when you get calcium deposits on the tendons in your shoulder.  This occurs generally when you are over 40 years old.  What happens is that the calcium deposits build up over time until finally the tendons get inflammed enough to cause pain in your arm.  This was certainly a relief to some extent as I now knew that a) I did not have bone cancer or some other such nonsense, and b) it can be helped with anti-inflammatory medicine.  

What Other Folks Have to Say

Tendonitis from Repetitive Movements

We present a case of bilateral calcific tendonitis of the Flexor Carpi Ulnaris attributable to repetitive wrist action which was occupationally related. This was treated conservatively with avoidance of aggravating movement. [ …]

Calcific Tendonitis

Calcific tendonitis refers to a build-up of calcium in the rotator cuff, and is often aggravated by an existing condition, such as impingement or conventional tendonitis in the shoulder. when calcium builds up in the area, pain results. […]  .

Calcific Tendonitis, No You’re Not Turning To Bone

Calcific Tendonitis is a term for the painful phases of a fluid process of tissue filling and then emptying of extra calcium.  

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