Can tendonitis in my arm make my collar bone ache?

I have tendonitis in my arm from fast pitch softball. Mostly it is just in my wrist and elbow but recently my collar bone and shoulder have been aching horribly. Can that be related?

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How do I recover from tendonitis and get the painful symptoms under control? Is there a support group ….?

I have painful tendonitis symptoms in my right wrist caused due to repetitive typing and mousing. I have tried everything from ergonomic evaluation, to physical therapy but the symptoms keep coming back. Sometimes it gets so debilitating that I even have trouble holding the steering wheel. I am really really desperate to get better, to not have the tenderness and burning sensation, be able to play tennis again , to indulge in all the activities I used to…….. Any tips/suggestions are more than welcome. If there is a support group for people like me in the bay are, please please do let me know

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How to get rid of tendonitis?

I have tendonitis in my legs from running on the treadmill. The area around my ankle hurts, my knee hurts and my hip hurts. I really don’t want to quit exercising but I’m afraid I may have to to get my legs to heal. Someone help!

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What should I do if I think I have tendonitis?

I have a knot in my back and from looking at anatomical pictures it looks like a tendon that hurts. It hurts when I touch it and it "clicks" when I move my arm a certain way and when I do exercise. Should I stop exercising? What kind of doctor should I see? How would tendonitis be treated if that is the cause? Thanks
Thanks, I do go to a gym, and that’s how I noticed the problem.

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Tibialis Anterior Tendonitis and Skiing

Is it alright to ski if I am overcoming tibialis anterior tendonitis and just sprained my ankle today?

I may have had a stress fracture in september and was later told i have tibialis anterior tendonitis that kept me from being allowed to run since august. im in the process of getting orthotics to get back to running fully again but im lightly running until the shipment comes in. today i hurt my ankle running and im icing it like crazy. i want to ski sooo badly this week but is that a bad idea?

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Achilles Tendonitis recovery with Arnica Concentrate

Achilles Tendonitis is a common injury among runners and athletes. For a gentle, effective way to help speed up recovery of tears to the Achilles tendon, Dianna Dapkins, creator of Pure Pro and massage therapist, shares tips for using Arnica Therapeutic Concentrate to lessen pain and swelling. Pure Pro Arnica Therapeutic Concentrate is easy to use and is so potent that you only need a few drops to the injury site. Dianna’s handmade, powerful Activated Arnica extract with essential oils of Clary Sage, Siberian Fir, Bergamot and Lavender work to naturally help alleviate soreness and swelling gently without any freezing or burning sensations. Learn more at Find Pure Pro Arnica Therapeutic Concentrate at http . Used in deep tissue and medical massage practices, pain/injury clinics, sports rehab and physical therapy centers, spas, hospitals and elder care facilities worldwide.

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how can i prevent tendonitis recurring when i start weight lifting again?

i just recently started weight lifting with new dumbbells, after a few weeks i began to notice elbow pain and after extensive research i have diagnosed the problem as being tendonitis. its a very, very moderate pain !! and dosnt warrant a doctors appointment as i already know the treatment. anyways i was wondering does anyone know an effictive plan ( such as warm ups) that i can use to prevent the problem resurfacing and slowing me down. Thanks

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